Server Rules

The rules of the server are fixed and are not to be discussed, they have to be followed unconditionally.

1. General matters:
-1.1. The administration has the right to restart and switch off the game server without any previous notice.
-1.2. The administration reserves the right to change the game settings at it's own discretion.

2. The players are forbidden to:
-2.1. Use of profanity talking,(as well indirect or camouflaged) in the game, chat (/post, etc), on the website, on the forum, nicknames etc. depending on the game possibilities.
-2.2. Use of forbidden softwares (which can affect the server, it's players or in any way the game play, the game play ballance or economy). Excluding softwares which are allowed to use (simple clickers, and/or softwares given by the administration of the project).
-2.3. Disturbin any way the Game Masters on the duty.
-2.4. To pretend in any way as being a member of administration. Regardless if you are doing it on purpose or not.
-2.5. Sending of messages with advertising content. No matter which internet resource are you advertising.
-2.5. Theft or attempting theft of any items/belongings/accounts of another player.
-2.6. Obtaining benefit for yourself or others from misguiding or deceiving another players.
-2.7. Extortion/Blackmailing - attempting to close a deal by threatening to disgrace in any way the personality,life or personal matters of any kind, which can violate the human rights of another player.

3. Violations related to administration:
-3.1. Communication with another players (on forums, websites,in the game, or on any other internet resources) in the name of the "Administration", missleading other players and spreading false (as well as well-known) information.Desinformation, lying.
-3.2. Rude behaviour towards administrators/moderators and forum managers (game masters).
-3.3. Insulting the members of the administration (moderators and any persons which have atribution with the project management).
-3.4. Selling or manipulations (see 3.1) with the belongings (of any origin) in the name of a member of staff. (Administrator,Moderator, etc).

4. Other violations:
-4.1. Offensive talking against any project participant, humiliation of their honor and dignity, expressed in indecent form.
-4.2. Public agitation or calls to change the server rules.
-4.3. To buy/sell/transfer (as the attempt to do so) of an in game character/zen/or any items/belongings for real money without the presence of a member of the Sky-Mu administration.
-4.4. Drugs propaganda and/or advertising resources which advertise this content.
-4.5. Flood/spam in game/chat/forum as well as public offers of deals/trading (which are not related to our server or/and do not have a game nature).
-4.6. Direct or indirect website advertising of other internet resources not related to Sky-Mu. (Exceptions being the website or Sky-Mu forum).
-4.7. Advertising websisites or links to internet resources containing pornography or any kind of adult content.
-4.8. Racism or/and propaganding racism. Nationalist expressions.
-4.9. Discrimination of any kind (nationality,religion,sex, sexual belonging,etc).
-4.10 Begging (being a beggar).
-4.11 Threats of violence and/or physical harm in reality.
-4.12 Fraud.

Possible punishments for not obeying the rules above:

1. Warning.
2. Ban (the ban length is being decided by a member of the Administration, according to the server rules).
3. Ban of the Charachter.
4. Ban IP and/or subnet blocking.
5. Deleting of Character(s) and/or Account(s) of the player.

The rules can be changed or completed without notice.
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